The screening process is one of the most important processes we go through when trying to find the right au pair for your family. At Au Pair Partners we take the time to personally interview the au pairs about everything from their upbringing to how they spend their free time as an adult, to make sure we feel they are appropriate for the program, and well-suited to your family. It is important that the au pair shares similar values as your family, and that their lifestyle will gel with yours and what you want for your children. We also check and verify the references of each candidate, and ensure they have met all relevant police and medical checks.

The Au Pair Partners screening process

In order to be accepted onto the Au Pair Partners program, every au pair must:

  • Prove that they have completed a minimum of 200 hours’ childcare
  • Provide 2 references which back-up their childcare experience. These will be double- checked and verified by the Au Pair Partners team
  • Complete a one-on-one interview with a member of the Au Pair Partners team to our satisfaction. There may be follow-up interviews if needed. 
  • Provide a clean medical and police check
  • Complete an application listing detailed information about their experience, photos showing your experience, a short introduction video and host family letter

Optional extra courses for peace of mind

Au Pair Partners also offers two optional training courses to give au pairs extra confidence in their new role and environment, and to give you peace of mind.

Defensive driving course

Some au pairs will only have experience driving on the opposite side of the road, or only have experience with an automatic and not a manual car. Enrolling them in our defensive driving course will give them the confidence to drive on Australian roads, in Australian conditions, and is highly recommended for all families, if you wish your au pair to transport your children during their placement.

Child protection and safeguarding screening course

This course is designed to give your au pair all the skills they will need to confidently look after your children, covering everything from safety measures they need to consider for children of various ages, to how to plan and structure their days as well as offering ideas on how to play with your child while teaching them essential skills.