What is an au pair?

It’s best to think of an au pair as a ‘big sister’ rather than a domestic worker. ‘Au pair’ is a French word meaning ‘at par’ or ‘equal to’, and means that the relationship should be on equal terms. The au pair is intended to become part of the family, and to be included in all activities. 

Au pairs are generally aged between 18 and 30 and come to Australia on the trip of a lifetime – a cultural exchange, to live as an extended member of your family. They will provide 35-40 hours per week of childcare and light domestic duties in exchange for full board and lodge (bedroom and meals) plus weekly pocket money. An au pair is different to a live in Nanny and in Australia there are dedicated agencies to Nanny services. The key difference is that nannies are fully qualified child care professionals and often do not live in.

Is an au pair right for me?

  • Are you looking for reliable childcare that offers you greater flexibility with your work schedule?
  • Would you prefer your children to be looked after in their home environment with one dedicated caregiver?
  • Is it important to you for your children to learn about other cultures and languages?
  • Are you searching for a more affordable childcare option, from $200 p/w?
  • Are you happy to open your home to someone from another culture, and include them in your daily family life?

If you answered yes to these questions, an au pair could be the perfect solution for your family.

Why choose an au pair over childcare?

Childcare costs are skyrocketing, and the demands on working parents are growing, with late nights, after-work events and shiftwork a reality for many families, across many industries. An au pair is the most flexible and affordable option for your childcare needs, with pocket money starting from as little as $200 a week. Your children will receive in-home care with one-on-one attention, and the chance to bond with a sole caregiver. They will spend their days exploring new and different environments every day.

One of the greatest advantages an au pair offers is the cultural experience your entire family will enjoy. In particular, your children will learn about different cultures first-hand, as they interact with your au pair each day, through music, language, the arts, cooking and reading.

An au pair is the most flexible option when it comes to childcare and allows you to:

  • Work overtime or irregular hours and shifts without the additional stress of picking up the children on time.
  • Have all of your children looked after without a per-child cost.
  • Rest easy when a child is sick as there will be someone to help look after them.
  • Spend more quality time with your family as you will have help with light housework.
  • Have a trusted babysitter when you need a night out or family holiday.

What is a demi pair

A demi pair typically assists the family 15 – 20 hours per week. This enables them to complete their study whilst living and working with the family. In return the host family will provide you with accommodation and full board (3 meals for per day 7 days per week). 

The demi pair may also help you with light housework and childcare. All of which will be discussed with Au Pair Partners to ensure it is clearly understood by both the family and demi pair prior to the arrangement. If you require your demi pair to do additional hours you can arrange to pay them pocket money of $AUS12 per hour.