At Au Pair Partners, we understand that the perfect au pair for you, won’t be the perfect au pair for someone else. That’s why we spend more time getting to know you and understanding your lifestyle, values and priorities in order to create the most perfect partnership we can.

Step 1: Partnering with you

At Au Pair Partners we don’t just ask you to fill out forms, we will call you up for an in-depth chat to really get to know you and understand what’s most important to your family. Are you a passionate foodie who would love an au pair with fantastic cooking skills to feed your children and teach them how to cook, or is your job so unpredictable that your main priority is finding an au pair who is happy to be very flexible around working hours? No family is the same. We need to know all about you to find the perfect partnership for your unique circumstances and lifestyle.

Step 2: Creating your Partner List

Our in-depth profile of your family will be used in conjunction with our sophisticated matching tool to partner your family with the most suitable au pairs from a selection of the world’s best candidates. We will then narrow this list down, based on our understanding of your family, and provide you with a Partner List – your shortlist of the most suitable au pairs. You can review these profiles online, with summaries about each au pair.

Step 3: Contact your au pair candidates

We will ask you to email the au pairs on your Partner List. These details can really help during the interview process, so the au pairs already have a really good understanding of what’s most important to your family, your priorities and current lifestyle. It also gives them the opportunity to ask any questions prior to establishing a Skype call.

Step 4: Skype your partner

It’s finally interview time! We recommend face-to-face Skype calls for your interviews. You can choose to talk to only one favourite from your Partner List and talk several times, or you may wish to talk to a number of the candidates. This is totally up to you. Our comprehensive interview guide will help you through this process and make sure you are asking all of the questions that will help you to choose the perfect au pair partner for your family. We will stay in touch throughout this process, until you are ready to confirm your match with us.