At Au Pair Partners, we are dedicated to creating the most supportive environment possible for our au pairs. We know that a positive experience for our au pairs will only create a more positive experience for the whole family. For most au pairs, this is the trip of a lifetime, and one they have been planning for many months or even years.

We go to great lengths to ensure our au pairs feel very comfortable, prepared and excited about travelling to Australia and meeting their host family. You don’t have to live in the biggest home. Your au pair doesn’t need their own private wing or separate living quarters. You simply need to provide a comfortable space for them, and above all welcome your au pair into your home with a spirit of generosity, warmth and openness.

Au Pair Partners Terms & Conditions for Host Families:

  • A comfortable, nicely furnished private bedroom, with either their own bathroom, or shared with the children (sharing with adults is not suitable)
  • Three meals a day, plus snacks. The au pair should also be invited to restaurant outings and family gatherings where appropriate
  • At least two days off per week
  • Easy walking access to public transport. Alternatively, the au pair should be provided with access to a car for personal use. The vehicle must be roadworthy and fully insured for the au pair to drive
  • Adequate training on your family’s routines and clear instruction on what your expectations are for your au pair each day
  • A level of understanding about having a young adult from another culture sharing your home
  • Respect, open communication, kindness and generosity.

All host families must also agree to and follow Au Pair Partners’ host family terms and conditions, as stated above.

How to create a stronger connection with your au pair

Try to make the au pair part of your life by including them in your everyday activities, social engagements and holiday plans. This includes making time for shared meals together, taking them on outings to see the best your city has to offer, helping them plan outings for their free time and holidays, including them in social events and gatherings, enrolling the au pair in activities of interest (gym, sports, language classes) and celebrating the au pair’s birthday and other important milestones. 

By spending this time together, you will gain a deeper understanding of each other, which will make for a more successful and enjoyable placement, and in many cases, form a lifelong bond.