Corporate experience

Au Pair Partners provides businesses with an easy way to help support their employees as they settle back into the workforce after having children.

The rising cost of childcare and before-and-after school care, plus the difficulty of meeting work and family commitments, means that many working parents are struggling with the pressure of finding a balanced home life for their families. Why risk losing some of your best staff, or have to watch them constantly struggle with pick-ups, drop offs, sick children, work events and late nights, when there is a better way?

Au Pair Partners is not only cost effective but gives families the opportunity to have a more balanced lifestyle. Helping your employee find the right au pair for their family provides them with a flexible, reliable, and affordable solution, and that can only lead to greater results all round.

Why should your business offer employees Au Pair Partners service?

More productive employees

You need your employees to be flexible with their working hours – sometimes requiring them to attend work functions, stay back late to meet deadlines or even travel for meetings and conferences. Having an au pair takes the pressure off parents to find childcare for such situations. It also means they don’t have to find last-minute care (or take the day off) when their child is unwell.

A great addition to your corporate benefits

Finding and retaining talent is critical to business success. Having a supportive attitude to family life will be seen as a great incentive to employees for choosing, or remaining with, your company.

Quick and easy

The process couldn’t be easier for your employees. We can create a bespoke tailored website for your company, with an easy-to-follow process that establishes a direct line of communication with Au Pair Partners. We also offer one-on-one consultations with interested staff members where we can take them through our process and how it all works.

It’s free

The Au Pair Partners service is free to corporations. We will work with you to provide details of our service for you to extend to your staff. If required, we can arrange face-to-face meetings with your HR departments and individual staff members. If travel is required, we only request hard costs to be covered. Additionally, we can set up a bespoke tailored website or a page on your intranet site for a fee, however this is not a requirement.

Our process

We can create a tailored website or page on your intranet site, depending on your requirements and level of offering. We will then schedule an education session for a group or individual to explain how Au Pair Partners works, and the service that we provide. This gives employees the opportunity to ask any questions and understand the costs and benefits. Once this is completed we will direct them to our registration process, so we can start finding a suitable candidate for them. Again, if travel is required for this all we request is for hard costs to be covered, and quotes will be provided at the time of confirmation.

If the employees are already on maternity leave, we are also able to set up one-on-one sessions with them to help them through the process.

What we offer

  • Education sessions on how Au Pairs Work, and systems and processes of Au Pair Partners
  • Assistance through the application process
  • Screening and placement
  • Ongoing support and guidance.

Employee benefits


Families can work with their au pair to establish a schedule based on their unique working hours and commitments. Au pairs are also able to help with light household chores, dinner etc, depending on the arrangement. Every family is different and requires different levels of support.

Cost effective

Au pairs are paid based on their level of experience and the family’s requirements. We provide a set rate of pay for families to follow and also provide advice regarding holiday pay.


Au Pairs are there for school holidays, sick days, and before/after school care. They can also be there when parents need to attend school meetings and after-hours events. They are there to become part of the family, a big sister/brother to the children, and little sister/brother to the parents. If established correctly, a great relationship can blossom, where everybody benefits.

How it works for your employees

Click here to see the easy step-by-step process your employees will go through to find an au pair.