Choosing whether an au pair is right for your family situation is often a difficult and sometimes confusing process and decision to make. We understand this at Au Pair Partners so if you would like to discuss how it all works please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us and we can provide you with everything you need to know prior to filling out the application form below. Please click here to contact us.

When you speak with us we can also complete the application form for you on the phone and guide you through the process. We are available after office hours as we understand families routines aren’t 9-5pm, so just let us know what time works for you.

However, if you have already made the decision that you want an au pair, please don’t hesitate to fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you shortly.

Please do not worry if you are unsure about any of the questions. We will work with you and provide guidance wherever needed during our telephone consultation. If you are unsure just write TBC in the box.

Name *
Address *
Family situation
Please do not worry if you are unsure about any of the questions. We will work with you and provide guidance wherever needed during our telephone consultation.
How many children are to be cared for in your family
Provide us with some details about each child in your family.
Please provide us with some details around your family unit. What does an average week look like and how do you like to spend your weekends.
We have other household help
Please provide some information on the role and capability of your other household help. I.e. Weekly House cleaner, gardener, etc.
Do any of the members of the household have special needs? (Either physical, mental or emotional)
Provide a brief description of the type of special needs support your family requires.
Experience requirements
Further detail on the different types of experience levels can be found on our "Cost" page.
Please choose from our 3 levels of childcare experience
Please explain the care for your children you would like the au pair to undertake for a week? Please include everything ie. Reading to the children, playing outside in the mornings, taking to swimming lessons, reading time at the library, etc.
Please explain your expectations around additional support? For example, children’s washing, sweeping & mopping the floor, cleaning up during the day, and anything else that you would expect your au pair to do in addition to caring for the children.
It’s important that you include the au pair as part of your family. Please explain how you would like your au pair to interact with your family. For example, sharing meals together, weekends for them to do their own thing or join you, family holidays: prefer them to take this time off and if so please highlight any pre-planned holidays for their stay, etc.
Please explain what type of food your family eats, a typical breakfast, lunch, dinner.
Would your au pair be able to prepare meals for the family during the week and do baking with the children? If so, do you have any requests regarding this food. Ie. Children are/n’t allowed sweets, no sugar, dairy, vegetarian, etc.
Are there any other requirements that you would like your au pair to have/do?
Do you have pets indoors?
Do any members of the family smoke?
Earliest start date
Earliest start date
Earliest starting date / availability
Latest start date
Latest start date
Latest start date / availability
How long would you like your au pair to stay with your family?
Do you have a minimum age preference?
Do you have a nationality / language preference
In addition to English, what language/s do you speak at home?
Do you need your au pair to drive? If your au pair will be driving, please organise driving lessons, road familiarisation and car insurance.
Anticipated hours per week on most weeks. Note: During our telephone consultation we can advise and guide you. Please do not exceed 40 hours. Most au pairs have weekends off, with minimum weekly pocket money of $170.
After hours
Do you require your au pair to work any ‘after hours’ on a regular basis?
Evening time
After meals in the evening is it your preference that this is time for your au pair to have to themselves?
Do any members of the household have a criminal record?
Do you agree to provide a Police Check for every adult (18+) living in your household?
Pictures of family and accommodation
As part of your application, it is requested that you email a selection of photos of your family and the accommodation. Email should be sent to I/We have emailed the required photos to Au Pair Partners.
How did you find Au Pair Partners
If a friend referred you to Au Pair Partners, what was their name?