Director Kelly Healy created Au Pair Partners as a result of her own frustration with the current process, and her desire to create a better agency that truly met and exceeded not only the needs and expectations of parents, but also the au pairs.

Working in a high-powered media job with two small children at home, Kelly knows first-hand the incredible benefits of a great au pair. She felt happy that her boys were being cared for one-on-one in their home environment, by a fun and nurturing ‘big sister’ providing au pair care. It also allowed her to return to work in a more balanced, flexible way, without the additional stress of leaving early for pick-ups, getting home late only to have to rush dinners or desperately trying to find babysitters to cover work events and late nights. It has given her the freedom to spend true quality time with her children each evening and weekend. More unexpectedly, she discovered she loved the relationships she and her family built with the au pairs, and the way new cultures became entwined in her family life.

At the same time, Kelly felt let down by many of the agencies she tried, unsatisfied with their selection process, and the fact that once the selection was made, both she and her au pair were left without any ongoing support to answer necessary questions or issues that arose.

Kelly understands the unique set of challenges facing working parents. Having relied on au pairs herself, she also understands that achieving a true partnership between parents, au pairs and their agency is the key to the most fulfilling and successful outcome, where both parents and au pairs feel confident in their choice and supported in their journey from start to finish. Every family is different and Au Pair Partners goes the extra mile to find the perfect fit for your unique situation and needs.

We know you want the best for your child. So we only work with the best international agencies to connect you with the world’s best au pairs, and ensure they are thoroughly screened and meet all requirements.

We know it’s not always easy to know what you’re looking for. So we’ll provide you with a comprehensive interview guide to make sure you cover all of the things that will help you choose the right au pair for your family, as well as offering guidance on creating a family agreement.

We know you are time-poor. So we will only send you the most appropriate, well-considered shortlist, to reduce the amount of time you need to spend on your search.

We know you are nervous. And so is your au pair. So we will provide both of you with ongoing support and educational materials to help make the transition as seamless as possible.

We know this is a big change for your kids, too. So we will provide you with lots of tips to help ease their journey and help them deal with the changes.

We know you’d appreciate ongoing support. So we’ll walk you through every step of the process. Our service does not stop once you have selected your au pair, it’s just the beginning – we are there to answer questions and ensure you and your au pair are happy for the duration of each placement.

The Au Pair Partners difference

We understand how big this decision is. We understand your concerns and we also understand your desire to create the most balanced, happy, nurturing, safe and flexible environment for your family. Additionally, we understand you are time-poor and are trying to make this big decision when time is not always on your side.

In understanding these things, we go the extra mile not only to find the right au pair for your family, but to make sure everyone is well supported throughout the entire journey. Our aim is to create the perfect partnership every time. We understand that in order to create this perfect partnership, the family, au pair and agency need to connect in a meaningful way.

When all three parties work together, in open, supportive and ongoing communication, we know we can create a stronger family unit and more balanced lifestyle, with the focus being an enjoyable and enriching experience for everyone.


Our team

Find an au pair right for your family

Kelly Healy

Kelly has enjoyed a successful media career spanning 20 years. She has held senior executive positions for some of the largest media companies in London, Sydney and Brisbane. But her most successful role yet has been that of mother to Pierce (4) and Louis (2). Her greatest challenge to date has been creating a home life that was peaceful, nurturing and enriching for her boys while returning to full-time work.

"I’ll never forget the day I left my child for the first time with our first au pair. As I drove off to work, I felt so nervous and unsure, I wanted to cry. But three years, three au pairs and one more child later, I now know it was the best decision I ever made. My greatest desire is to make the process as seamless, enjoyable, supportive and enriching as I can for other mums just like me, so they can drive away on that first day (and every other day) feeling nothing but confident and happy." - Kelly Healy

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Seamus Roche

Seamus has worked across the media and advertising industry for over 18 years. From large national clients to small local businesses, Seamus is an expert at understanding his clients’ needs and tailoring solutions to meet every brief and solve every problem.

He has made a business out of building relationships and securing repeat business thanks to his open communication and positive attitude. He will always go the extra mile for his clients and is looking forward to help create a lasting partnership with your family and Au Pair Partners.